Software Products

Our whole range of products is offered on a GDPR compliant basis. We do not use user data in any way not connected with the purpose of the application, and we maintain strict controls on access to databases and other sensitive information.


Launched in 2014

Event Payments direct to your Stripe Account. Premium Support. Delivered as a Service.

Visit the Delegator Website and Sign Up today for your ticketed event or contact Delegator. As used by Howth Yacht Club.


Multilingual booking engine. WordPress Plugin. Compatible with Realex / Globex. Free to Property Options. Sign Up Today.


Integrated, secure vouchering. Brand your voucher program and connect payments to your Stripe or Realex account. Check validity of vouchers using a smartphone. Voucher solution as chosen by more than 80 locations since 2008. Contact Us to arrange a consultation.

FastReach for Properties

FastReach for Properties is currently supported to end June 2020 when it will be end of life. There is a migration path to a Managed WordPress with WPML service which is compatible with our product set. You may download your content data from the administration panel.