Enterprise Class E-Commerce on OpenSource

OpenSource can deliver unbeatable performance and a great return on investment, but is too often poorly deployed or out of date, leading to issues which lose money.

We recover runaway e-commerce projects, upgrade ‘stuck’ sites and applications and deliver the supporting training and support necessary to stabilise and grow your existing e-commerce infrastructure.

We work with you at the strategic level to design infrastructure and services that extend your business’s capabilities, and we support your operations as the business grows.

WordPress Website Production

Screenshot of Harbourmaster Website
Website with onsite photography, with voucher and ticket sales Delivered Q1 2017.

Your event needs a top class website and you need it yesterday. We can take you there on time, on budget. For most projects, we will quote your project in 24hrs and can deliver in less than a week.

Website with stockphotography. Delivered 2015.

We don’t just do events – we equip clients to use WordPress across many industries.

WordPress Plugin Development

The Equilume Calculator calculates product activation date, and is implemented as a WordPress plugin. 2017.

Need custom application development, but your website is on WordPress? A plugin is the solution. Our extensive experience in developing WP plugins can help.

Need to connect your application into the WordPress Plugin Directory?
Publishing a plugin is a great way to raise your profile. We can help.

We offer a range of world class media and design services, direct and through partnerships with seasoned industry leaders. These include still photography, Film Making and panoramic virtual tours as well as design for print and non-digital media.

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