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Matt Cutt’s says speed is important to Google rankings.

Google want to send their organic search visitors to the most useful result first. It makes sense to make sure your CMS platform is serving superfast content.

So lets compare with one our our superfast clients –

Lets see how they match up looking from Sydney!
Trident Holiday Homes Blog

Solid win for the Trident Holiday Homes Blog. 🙂

Nimblebuilder Templates

Page builders like Nimble Builder and Visual Composer (now WP Bakery) can help you make beautiful layouts for your website.

Using templates in your page builder can maintain design consistency and save time – in this video we show you how to use this in the Hueman Free theme to do just that.

use Nimblebuilder to speed up your workflow

Moving Your WordPress Website

1st step is you need a backup to give to your Web Designer. How to backup your WordPress website using the GDPR tools in WordPress.

It’s time to move and you’ve got a WordPress site. You’re entitled to Data Portability under GDPR, so now you have lots of options for Import and Export.

Go to Tools on the control Panel – That’s where all the GDPR-y bits of your site are, and also where you can exercise your GDPR-given right to move WordPress Hosting Provider.

GDPR – Good for something besides unnecessary popups on every website.

Select Export and look on in astonishment at the Options in the Export Menu that comes with WordPress.

Export All Your Content

You may see more items under content depending on your site, theme and plugin configuration. Here’s one from a site running WooCommerce, note the Extra Options for Export.

Sit back and watch the site content issuing from the webserver in beautiful XML, all the time marvelling at how easy that all was.

Now all you need to import to the new site. If you need a Web Design Agency in Dublin to help, we recommend

Deploy Win10 Pro with WDS and DISM

Windows 7 is being replaced with Windows 10. Let’s do with with PXE boot.

Do go to Microsoft an grab an image of Windows 10

Powershell this with admin privilige:

dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:C:\path\to\folder\sources\install.esd

Check which version you want, this gives the source index. Then export it to make a wim file.

dism /Export-Image /SourceImageFile:C:\path\to\folder\sources\install.esd /SourceIndex:6 /DestinationImageFile:C:\path\to\folder\sources\install.wim /Compress:Max /CheckIntegrity

When it’s working, it can be tested. Make a gen 1 vm and try installing to it in Hypervisor.

OMG it works.

Hackers, Port Scanners and other miscreants

Here’s everyone that was picked up by our firewall last night, portscanning.

The command to generate this on RouterOS is

/ip firewall address-list print file=filename where list="Banned" and
Resolves the list to a country and ISP
IPCountryISP B.v. Set LTD Jin-rong Street Tre S.p.A. Telekom UNICOM China169 Backbone Group POSTS AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS GROUP S.A. Jin-rong Street Jin-rong Street NETWORKING Sh.p.k. of LithuaniaSoftLayer Technologies Inc. KingdomLinode  LLC Sp. z o.o. Libertel B.V. Jin-rong Street Jin-rong Street UNICOM China169 Backbone Telekomunikasi Indonesia ArabiaSaudi Telecom Company JSC B.v. KingdomCogent Communications PTY LTD PERU S.A. S.A. Jin-rong Street LLC StatesLeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. UNICOM China169 Backbone StatesDigitalOcean  LLC StatesCharter Communications Inc Incorporated SAS Network of data-centers Selectel TELECOM S/A Jin-rong Street Corp StatesCariNet  Inc. & RDS Group Telekomunikasi Indonesia Calderon Dominguez Public Company Limited Corp LLC Corp KoreaSK Broadband Co Ltd UNICOM China169 Backbone Telecom UNICOM China169 Backbone Servicios  Venezuela Public Company Limited StatesEonix Corporation UNICOM China169 Backbone Vainah Telecom StatesDigitalOcean  LLC StatesHurricane Electric LLC Woch Cybernet WMW Servicios  Venezuela StatesEonix Corporation Telecom (Group) Network of data-centers Selectel SiChuan Telecom Internet Data Center StatesMerit Network Inc. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Jin-rong Street Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited Jin-rong Street Connection SRL Corp Koreayoido full gaspel church Information and communication technology company Plc Long Distance Telephone Company De Comunicacoes E Multimedia S.A. Unicom Beijing Province Network

WordPress Plugins

Custom Development

The Equilume Calculator calculates product activation date, and is implemented as a WordPress plugin. 2017.

Need custom application development, but your website is on WordPress? A plugin is the solution.

Plugins are enhancements that extend what
WordPress can do.

Staying up to day with updates and patches is a GDPR requirement, and no where is it harder than on the web, where the the whole online world can connected world has access. WordPress has an Update Manager, and it’s a great way to manage this process for small to medium size businesses.

Publishing a plugin to the WordPress Plugin Directory is a great way to raise your profile.