Delegator Payments and Jonas Club Management

HYC, one of Ireland’s Premier Yacht Clubs, has adopted Delegator Events Payments as their online payments solution.

This microservice accepts transaction information in, providing an endpoint for payments and a place for users to store and manage cards, reporting for accounts, and a payment receipt for the client. It follows the GDPR requirement of making the data available in portable form outputting CSV format reports suitable for excel or import to Jonas or other accounts packages.

The payment gateway implements a new responsive design, which integrated seamlessly with the fixed width layout of the legacy web application.

The gateway has been in operation since December 2018 and is integrated with the payments provider Globex.


Microservices allow businesses to move functions (like payments) onto for-purpose platforms and then provide service to other systems that need the function.

HYC have used the microservices architectural pattern to process payments for a number of diverse functions including member subscriptions, account top-ups and racing events.

Because the service is ‘loosely coupled‘, HYC are able to deploy classes of payment services very rapidly and without being bound to any one vendor.

Reduced GDPR footprint

By moving the various payment functions out of their custom built web infrastructure HYC were able to reduce the risk levels and management overhead associated with processing payments, while keeping a legacy CRM system operational.


Delegator Payments accepts multiline ledger payments as an input and every line item can be tagged with the appropriate General Ledger code, making reconciling in downstream accounts packages straightforward.

Many accounts packages* have APIs, CSV file uploads or other mechanisms to allow uploading of payment information. Delegator Payment Services can design custom interfaces to any platform, even custom built ERP or CRM.

Delegator loves to hear from partners, and our unique ledger payment API means that it’s easy to integrate. Contact us if you would like to discuss partnership.

*For uploading to Jonas Club Management, it is necessary to have the ‘Automated Lockbox Upload’ feature enabled.