Trash Talk

Matt Cutt’s says speed is important to Google rankings. Google want to send their organic search visitors to the most useful result first. It makes sense to make sure your CMS platform is serving superfast content. So lets compare with one our our superfast clients – Lets see how they match up looking […]

Fast WordPress server with CDN

Client: Trident Holiday Homes Brief: Build Fast WordPress for for global audience Theme: Hueman (Free) Technology: LEMP Stack, Cloudflare CDN, WordPress with cache Performance Results: This score could be improved by better image post processing before uploading to the site.

Nimblebuilder Templates

Page builders like Nimble Builder and Visual Composer (now WP Bakery) can help you make beautiful layouts for your website. Using templates in your page builder can maintain design consistency and save time – in this video we show you how to use this in the Hueman Free theme to do just that.

Moving Your WordPress Website

1st step is you need a backup to give to your Web Designer. How to backup your WordPress website using the GDPR tools in WordPress. It’s time to move and you’ve got a WordPress site. You’re entitled to Data Portability under GDPR, so now you have lots of options for Import and Export. Go to […]

Deploy Win10 Pro with WDS and DISM

Windows 7 is being replaced with Windows 10. Let’s do with with PXE boot. Do go to Microsoft an grab an image of Windows 10 Powershell this with admin privilige: dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:C:\path\to\folder\sources\install.esd Check which version you want, this gives the source index. Then export it to make a wim file. dism /Export-Image /SourceImageFile:C:\path\to\folder\sources\install.esd /SourceIndex:6 […]

Hackers, Port Scanners and other miscreants

Here’s everyone that was picked up by our firewall last night, portscanning. The command to generate this on RouterOS is /ip firewall address-list print file=filename where list=”Banned” and the list to a country and ISP IP Country ISP Panama Hostkey B.v. Russia Vladivostokskaya Set LTD Colombia Singapore SingNet China […]