Look back on 2011 – Irish Museum of Modern Art

2011 was an incredible year, with so much publication of work and software , that it seems like only now that there is a chance to take a pause and review the events of the year. 1st up IMMA.

Getting the White Balance

Irish Museum of Modern Art – Virtual Tours

We had been working here for some time, completing this virtual tour of the north wing and gardens in on behalf of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham in 2007, but 2011 saw the project move to a completely new level.

The Gallery, following a safety review, had to limit wheelchair access to the lower floors of the buildings. It was decided to create a digital version of the exhibition and to make it available in a kiosk in the downstairs areas.

The timeframe for the completion of the project was short. We used our FastReach CMS to coordinate the collation and display of the exhibition digital assets, and worked closely with the curation team in IMMA to ensure fidelity to the exhibition in the timeframe available.

Dolly setup for a Les Levine exhibit

The first  IMMA exhibition tour, which coincides with the gallery’s 20th anniversary this year, was completed in just 34 working days, during which time 460 artworks were logged and loaded into the database, as well as 42 online HD videos and 31 virtual tours. The virtual tour of the final exhibition was released the same week.

The virtual tour provides 360 degree views of each room in the gallery. A detailed introductory synopsis of each room is provided and, as you explore the wings and landings of the IMMA, you follow the physical layout of the exhibition.

Additional social features, including artwork thumbnails and the option to pull discussions about artworks into online groups, help facilitate collaboration between groups of artists, commentators and students, and also make it easier to share links.

The IMMA virtual tour appeared on the 1st page of Google the day after its release for searches of artwork titles and, after just three days, one quarter of all its traffic was from google-generated artwork searches. Within the first month of its launch in excess of 3600 visitors viewed over 57,000 online gallery pages.

The team behind the project includes the co-founder of Rollthrus (Disabled Access Portal): Chris Healy, project manager Matthew McGee, software developer Bryan McEleney and, of course, the photographic team including Denis Mortell and others, who took the excellent, high resolution stills of the artworks, as well as the curatorial staff in IMMA.

Here are some links to the exhibitions:

<a href="http://imma.gallery-access.com/june2011/intl/en/index cymbalta price.php” target=”_blank”>Twenty: Celebrating 20 Years of the Irish Museum of Modern Art

Les Levine: Mindful Media

Old Master Prints from the Madden / Arnholz Collection

Philip Taaffe: Anima Mundi

The Moderns: The Arts in Ireland from the 1900s to the 1970s