Testing out the Delegator WordPress plugin

Need the beta plugin get it here.


Here you see some tickets from a demo site of ours on delegator. Register with any stripe testing cards to try it out.

Delegator works by segmenting your market…this means there are many ticket variations. We make those easy to display in the right place in WordPress.

Use :


to display specific titles.

Say you have a bio page for a prestigious speaker. Big draw. Huuge. Here we show tickets that include access to a speaker using this shortcode:

delegator_tickets speaker_id=”4″

[delegator_tickets speaker_id=”4″]

So we see all tickets that give access to another speaker

delegator_tickets speaker_id=”3″

[delegator_tickets speaker_id=”3″]

The above are great for putting on your speaker pages. But we’ll have pages that give session information, we need to sell tickets that include access to that session.

Think of the use case where we’ve got a blacktie dinner for people that come to see both speakers. We want to talk about this on a page that really sells the great food we’re going to serve.

delegator_tickets session_id=”6″

[delegator_tickets session_id=”6″]

And of course we can just display a ticket based on a ticket name by selecting its ‘slug’.

delegator_tickets ticket_name=”organiser”

[delegator_tickets ticket_name=”organiser”]

We can now offer subsets of ticketsĀ in different contexts, making putting the right ticket choices in context and improving conversion.


[delegator_tickets event_shortname=”testzero” ]